Let us introduce ourselves to you. Here's what we do:

Lead Generation and Business Development

We excell in combinations of technology and business. We make sure we understand your product as well as your market(s)' needs.

We can help if you have technical USP's, selling into technical environments where you need to accurately understand the needs of your prospect to qualify them. And to bring your USP's across in a foreign country, in a different language and culture.

And, naturally, if you'd like some assistance, even if "Everybody Speaks English".

Extending your Range

Find it hard to keep tabs of what is going on hundreds, or even thousands of miles away?
So do we.

We will be your reliable local representative. Who understands his countrymen, as well as the customs and the language. And who will report truthfully and regularly without sweetening the reports so that you know what is going on.

Projects and Services

Sometimes, you have a specific job that needs to be done. Like:

And yes, we have a soft spot for all things aerospace
We bet you could tell... Acacia